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Picture of HomeA property owner in distress is a client in waiting. Foreclosure is usually the tip of the iceberg: loan workouts, bankruptcy, estate problems and a myriad of complications are often part of the big picture, requiring the help of a legal professional. An attorney who helps a borrower in foreclosure might create a client for life. Each year thousands of homeowners face the prospect of a foreclosure.

Since 1972, County Records Service has been the professionals' choice for the most complete foreclosure data available in San Diego County. As e-foreclosuredata.com we can deliver data to you anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, allowing you to prospect for customers even while you are out of the country. And mail merge fields included in our data enable you to mass mail your prospects easily and efficiently, daily, weekly, or monthly.At last, you can identify potential clients long before your competition knows they exist - with e-foreclosuredata.com!