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Picture of Real-Estate AgentCompetition is stiff, so how do you get the edge? How can you be first to reach the motivated sellers in your area and get the listing? By getting foreclosure reports from County Records Service, now on the Web as e-foreclosuredata.com.

Borrowers in default always have the option to list and sell while there is still time. Within three days after the Notice of Default is filed, e-foreclosuredata.com will enable you to identify prospective listing in areas in which you work, augmenting your regular business and providing new opportunities to enhance your business reputation.

Alternatively, you can also act as a loan agent or refer the borrower to a new mortgage source to refinance the problem away - and receive a referral fee in the process. In some cases, you may want to acquire the property yourself as an investment, then sell it at retail later, using your office resources.

Why pay a small monthly fee for a foreclosure information service? Because a first-class, fast, accurate, complete foreclosure list is far better than a free list that is stale and incomplete. Put a group of your fellow professionals together and pay even less for the service. Pro-rated between three or four agents, you will be paying almost nothing for information that could earn you thousands in only one transaction!