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"...Bottom line, if you intend on making a living in the foreclosure business I strongly recommend County Records Service...Although all firms have competitors, County Records Service has no competition. In spite of the fact that a disclaimer appears at the top stating that This is not a title report, it is as close as you will achieve without ordering one." MK, San Diego

"...XX offered a special - all three services online for a year for $50 per month plus a $100 sign-up fee. I thought it sounded like a terrific bargain, so I signed up and dropped County Records Service. That was a great mistake. Obviously none of the data was cross checked or double checked in any way...I kept the service but signed up again for yours, also. HMW, Escondido

E-foreclosuredata.com offers you three services for one low price. Notices of Default and Notices of Trustee Sales are published daily; REO's on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It is the only company tracking other results of scheduled sales, such as postponements, reinstatements, and sales to third parties. All three avenues provide you with an opportunity to purchase real estate like the professionals, below market value!

Whether you are experienced or a beginner in the foreclosure market,e-foreclosuredata.com provides you with data in a choice of formats. Monthly seminars are free for subscribers. E-foreclosuredata.com publishes the only foreclosure manual written specifically for investors in California real estate. We also provide additional loan loan information for each property.